The PuckOpener - CUSTOM

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No NHL Team Logos permitted.

The PuckOpener combines two great things, hockey and beer, by making bottle openers out of real hockey pucks. This PuckOpener can be customized with any text, images, or graphics. You can even do full color photos. It makes a great custom gift for any occasion. Enter the text you would like on the checkout page. Or if you have a graphic you'd like to use please send it to after your purchase. 

I start with a real puck, hog out some rubber from one side and drop in the opener plate, which is laser cut from 304 grade brushed stainless steel.

The opener also has a built in magnet to catch the cap so it doesn't fall to the floor like most bottle openers. And because the opener plate is recessed you can actually still play a game of ice hockey with it!