Baseball Bottle Opener, Coaches Name

We combined baseball and drinking beer, two of American's greatest traditions, to come up with The BaseballOpener, a bottle opener made from half of a REAL Leather Baseball. This collection features all the different coaches designs we offer which can be personalized for your coach or team. Just choose the design you'd like from the drop-down menu, add your information and add it to your cart. If you'd like to see what other designs we have available click here.

  • The baseball is cut in half, then a portion of the core is removed and the leather edge is sanded smooth.
  • A stainless steel opener plate is attached to the ball using stainless steel fasteners.
  • The opener is magnetic so it sticks to your fridge, the side of your truck, or any metal surface.
  • The same magnets that hold it to your fridge also catch the cap when you pop open a bottle, no more foot injuries from errant bottle caps.
  • Made in Buffalo, NY by Buffalo BottleCraft (est. 2013).