Sports & Bottle Openers, a Classic Pairing

Dave Sheffield left his job as a mechanical engineer in 2013 to pursue his side business at the time - crafting drinking glasses out of used wine, beer, and liquor bottles. After an intense year, he realized digging through recycling containers and hustling at local craft shows just wasn’t scalable and the competition was too high. Inspired by a friend’s craft wooden bottle opener, Dave began to play around with souvenir hockey pucks to create what we now know as The PuckOpener.

Slowly expanding from the initial prototype posted on the r/hockey subreddit, Dave spent hours crafting email after email to reporters, blogs, and gear sites - anyone he thought might write about a cool new product. As interest grew, the company leased its first UV Digital Printer for custom designs, due to growing requests for bachelor party and team logos, which also allowed a break through into the wholesale market. The product line continued to grow to include The BaseballOpener and the Beer Wedge - with more items coming out each year.

With an ever-growing range of products - we're here to provide the perfect present for the Hockey, Baseball, Softball, Golf fans in your life. Oh wait...you're also a beer lover?! Our bottle openers are the perfect combination gift for any occasion!