The BeerWedge - Blank

The BeerWedge is simple. It's a bottle opener made from a real golf ball. It looks pretty sick clipped onto a golf bag and it's nice to have when someone brings some craft beer onto the course. And it's just an all around cool thing and it's made in the USA by a dude who quit his job because he was sick of being a project manager at an engineering form. He decided to engineer some cool bottle openers instead of vacuum chambers for lasers. 

And now I bring you the most magnificent feature set of any product ever manufactured:

  • The golf ball is machined to fit a stainless steel opener plate and a carabiner keychain. 
  • Use the carabiner to clip it on your golf bag so you won't be trying to open up beers with your 7 iron.
  • Made in Buffalo, NY by Buffalo BottleCraft (est. 2013)

Random story about this product: Golf balls are not filled with rubber bands anymore, most companies use some form of solid plastic material. We tried using used golf balls but the inconsistency between each manufacturer and even different balls of the same brand forced us to use new blank balls. Plus trying to align the company logos just right proved to be a really big hassle. And if we put a Titleist logo on there we'd probably get a letter a few weeks later with a cease and desist order because we're inappropriately using their logo or something.




See additional BeerWedge designs here OR use our customization app to upload your own design (best used on Desktop). 

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Great product!

Love it!

I know my brother-in-law will REALLY love and appreciate it. Great gift for someone who is usually hard to buy for.