The PuckOpener
Old School Goalie

The PuckOpener combines two great things, hockey and beer, by making bottle openers out of REAL hockey pucks. While hockey is a tough sport, there's no one tougher than the goalie. Especially back in the day when wearing a mask was viewed as a new phenomenon. That's why this opener features an image of an old school goalie.

  • Some rubber from one side of the puck is machined out so a brushed stainless steel opener plate can be inserted and secured by four screws.
  • A magnet is also attached to the puck. This stops the cap from flying off when opening a bottle. The GIF does a great job of showing this feature.
  • And because everything is recessed below the surface of the puck you can actually play a regular hockey game with The PuckOpener.

Side note: If I had a time machine the first thing I would do is go back and watch a 70s hockey game with no helmets. Probably the "Fog Game" in the 1975 Stanley Cup Finals between the Flyers and the Sabres. 

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