The BeerWedge - BEER!

We all know golf is about drinking with the buddies right? At least that's what we have to tell ourselves when we're running up the biggest number in years. At least you have beer. Make sure you've got a BeerWedge clipped to your bag so you don't have to use your 7-iron or Bob's wedding ring to open your next cold one. 

And now the cold heartless features of this magnificent product:

  • The golf ball is machined to fit a stainless steel opener plateand a carabiner keychain. 
  • Use the carabiner to clip it on your golf bag so you won't be trying to open up beers with your 7 iron.
  • Made in Buffalo, NY by Buffalo BottleCraft (est. 2013)

For any of those interested the root of the word carabiner is the french combination of carbine (you know, a rifle or gun) and that good old "er" ending, hence carabiner. There that's your vocabulary lesson for the day, your 3rd grade teacher would be proud that you read this little bit.

Oh and here's a video. Because if a photo is worth 1000 words a video has gotta be like a million right?:




See additional BeerWedge designs here OR use our customization app to upload your own design (best used on Desktop). 

Customer Reviews

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The Best Beer Wedge

Got these for stocking stuffs for friends and i think they havemt put them down! Another quality product!

This was a gift

It was very well received. I made a good purchase.