The BeerWedge - Fetch

You gotta admit it is kind of an odd sport to be so popular, just hitting a little white ball around. I probably shouldn't be writing this though, might insult my target customers. But it's 10:02pm on a Sunday night and I'm writing product descriptions on my website and I'M BORED! So I'm stretching my creative juices a little hear and trying to have some fun. 

Anyway, I like to make stuff and when the PuckOpener ended up being successful I expanded it and said what other sports stuff could I make into a bottle opener. Golf was a natural fit. A bit small for a bottle opener I initially though but adding the eyelet, keyring, and the carabiner really do give it enough to grab onto to get that beer open. It was a ton of fun designing it. I'm an engineer so I get my kicks out of doing the initial design then setting up the manufacturing. You should see some of the jigs I use to make these things, it's fun. Woops, rambling on again, onwards with the product description ...

And now here's the text that I'm contractually obligated to insert into every listing:

  • The golf ball is machined to fit a stainless steel opener plate, a magnet, and a carabiner. 
  • With the magnet you can stick the BeerWedge on the fridge or use the carabiner to clip it on your golf bag so you won't be trying to open up beers with your 7 iron.
  • Made in Buffalo, NY by Buffalo BottleCraft (est. 2013)

Random Business Advice: Never name your business after the first product you make. When you try to diversify after your first product has failed, or it's run its course you're pigeonholed into some kind of niche. There I just saved you a ton of fucking hassle if you ever start a business. Thank me later. 

Oh and here's a video. Because if a photo is worth 1000 words a video has gotta be like a million right?:



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