The BeerWedge - Golf Logo

 I thought this golf logo looked cool so I'm putting it on The BeerWedge, 'nuff said. So ... the product, it's a bottle opener made from a real golf ball. The real deal. Official bottle opener of golf. Official in the sense that I decided to call it that because hey, who's gonna stop me, the golf police? I am a failed comedian who had to turn to bottle opener manufacturing to pay rent, please buy this bottle opener so I can go buy more beer and write it off as a business expense. 

And now here's the text that I'm contractually obligated to insert into every listing:

  • The golf ball is machined to fit a stainless steel opener plate, a magnet, and a carabiner. 
  • With the magnet you can stick the BeerWedge on the fridge or use the carabiner to clip it on your golf bag so you won't be trying to open up beers with your 7 iron.
  • Made in Buffalo, NY by Buffalo BottleCraft (est. 2013)

A random thing that happen to me today: I almost ruined my toaster because I left a piece of cheese sitting on top if it while it toasted bread and the cheese melted all into the toaster. My solution was to create a smokey mess and scare my roommates by burning all the cheese off. I am not a smart man. 

Now a video for your viewing pleasure produced by a woman named Sarah who works in photography for a guy with a cool beard:



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